This bottle is made of PET plastic. Bottle Height: ". Bottle Width: 1". Top Requirement: 20/ Best Shrink Wrap Band: 65x (F. 2 oz. Natural HDPE Semi-Opaque Tottle HDPE Squeezable Plastic Bottle w/ in. White Flip Top (Stock) Cap in. Orif · More Information. PET plastic is a great alternative to glass as it's lightweight with the clarity of glass, but without the problem of breakage. The square bottles leave a. The BGN is a 2 oz green PET plastic boston round bottle with neck finish. The boston round bottle is distinctive in its classic shape. Char. 1/5 to 2 oz. Plastic Bottles Small bottles range from 1/5 oz. plastic bottles to 2 oz. plastic bottles. Small bottles at wholesale prices in stock ready to.

pk(2oz) 2oz Plastic Bottles with Caps – not suitable for solvent · Related products · Title. 2 oz plastic bottle stands out for its practicality, and versatility. Made with high-quality PET, it offers durability and transparency. Flip top caps features a " orifice and make dispensing quick and easy. Flip open the cap to dispense the contents of the bottle and snap it shut when you're. pk(2oz) 2oz Plastic Bottles with Caps – not suitable for solvent · Related products · Title. Buy top quality 2 oz plastic bottles with lids including plastic, metal and dispensing caps, or save with our bulk plastic bottles and choose caps. White Disc caps open with a simple click, order today with these 2 oz Natural plastic HDPE bottles. Great for sample or travel sized products. This 2 oz plastic bottle maintains the classic Boston Round shape like its glass counterpart. Since it is made out of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic. category: Plastic Containers > Plastic Bottles ✕. Found results|Sort by: 2 oz clear PET plastic cosmo round bottle with neck finish. 2 fl. oz. clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic boston round bottle with a 20 mm () neck finish. Boston rounds have a rounded shoulder and. Set of 6 empty plastic squeeze bottles with screw-on, flip-cap tops. TSA approved 2oz travel size. Polypropylene bottles and caps are BPA-free and meet FDA. 2oz White Cosmo Round PET Plastic Bottle neck. This bottle is perfect for shampoos, lotions, and other liquids.

Our 2 oz PET plastic bottles are perfect for nutrient packed, cold pressed juices. Turmeric or wheatgrass shots look great in this small to-go bottle. Ideal for a quick squirt of cooking oil, condiments and more, this small bottle features flexible, food-grade HDPE plastic construction and a flip-top cap. 2 oz Plastic Bottles and Jars Available Now with no Minimum Order Size. Order now on phone or online! Plastic Bottles, 2 oz. PET Cylinder Round With A 20/ Finish, By King. star Best Value. Plastic Bottles 2 Oz(). Price when purchased online. This white 2 oz HDPE plastic wide mouth cylinder round bottle has a continuous thread neck finish. Shop plastic bottles at TricorBraun. Our PET Plastic Shot Bottles are the perfect packaging solution for energy drink shots, sample sizes of cold-pressed juice, dairy, or marinades. This 2 oz Energy Shot bottle is made with durable PET plastic and features a unique and space saving square shape. The crystal clear bottle allows you to see. Cans and Bottles; 2 oz. Plastic Bottle with Screw Top Lid. 2 oz. Plastic Bottle with Screw Top Lid. (No reviews yet) Write a Review. Write a Review. ×.

Perfect for sample sized body lotion, body spray, lotion, room sprays and more, our 2 oz plastic bullet bottles are the perfect addition to your supply list. Pack 2 oz Plastic Empty Bottles with Flip Cap Travel Size Containers with Flip Cover Cap Plastic Squeeze Bottles Refillable Dispensing. Need a bottle to custom mix your airbrush colors? Here ya' go! 2 oz flip top bottles are made of firm, durable plastic. 4" from top to bottom HDPE plastic. These bottles are great for cold pressed juices, chilled beverages, iced tea, dairy, water and marinades. These bottles are great for lar. Get the best deals on 2 Oz Plastic Bottles In other Crafting Storage Solutions and find everything you'll need to make your crafting ideas come to life with.

2oz Clear Bullet Plastic Bottle(Lid Size is 20/ sold separately). 2oz Clear Bullet Plastic Bottle. $Price. Quantity. Add to Cart. These 2oz Plastic bottles are great for a number of cosmetic and every day uses. Comes with white flip spouts for easy pouring. 2 oz. White PET Plastic Boston Round Bottle, 20mm 1 ea. ea. ea. ea. ea. 2 oz. Natural LDPE Plastic. These 2 oz. plastic disc-top bottles are great for carrying and dispensing travel- or sample-sized amounts of your favorite shampoo bath gel lotion hand. Plastic Bottles PET Refillable Cosmo Round Bottles with Flip Top Caps - 2 oz (White) FB Beauty Makeup Supply. CLEARANCE ITEM: 2 ounce Clear PET Plastic Bullet/Cosmo Bottle Black Ribbed PP Plastic lid w/foam liner Neck SOLD IN SETS OF 50 These are great for.

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